find the right automobile for you


How It Works


Backseat Buyer is an easy and fun way to take the stress out of finding the right car for you. Buying a car is one of the biggest purchases in a person's life, and getting it right is important. This site is designed to help everyone (especially if you don't know a thing about cars!) find the right car for them based on their specific needs. All you have to do is fill out the questionnaire and I'll send you a Bespoke Buyer's Report with the cars or trucks that fit you best.   

Is it an "auto algorithm"?


Nope, it's better! It's a personal service based on your individual inputs. I solve problems for a career and geek out on cars for fun, but I really love sharing my automotive knowledge and connecting people with the right car for them.

Oh, you get a cut from the carmakers, right?


Nope, it's free! This is a passion project for me and I hope it helps you find the right car. If it does, please take a moment and donate to help keep this page running.

So, I get a personalized report sent to me describing which car I should buy?


Yes! I'm so glad you asked that, I was getting a little worried after those last two questions. You will get a unique Buyer's Report of suggested cars, trim levels, and descriptions based on your specific inputs. The Report put's your perfect car at your fingertips without having to cross shop or wade through paragraphs or reviews. Backseat Buyer makes it easy!